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​A La Carte Service 

We offer A La Carte services to cater to all of your needs, and further enhance your experience with us. Our service menu is listed as following:

Flat Fee: 

Our flat fee package is reduced commission that we offer to you as well.  This fee will be determined based off what all you would like to see.  Here is typically what is included.

-We will make sure that all disclosures are done ahead of time, as well as HOA Documents (if needed).
-We will take our own photos of your home.
-We take all the safety precautions for you.
-We will have the showings scheduled through us according to your schedule.
-We will place a sign in front of your house.
-We will consult you on what offers to consider/accept.
-We will take care of negotiations.
-We will ensure a stress-free and fun sale of your home.
-We will get you TOP DOLLAR in the shortest time.

Discount Service:

This is a very limited service that offers you the most savings.

-We will have all disclosures and HOA Documents ready (If needed).
-We will take our own photos of your home.
-We place a sign in the front of your home.
-You are responsible for scheduling your showings when the agent calls you.
-We will present all offers to you and let you decide on how to continue.
-We will get you to the closing table.

Buying a Home:

We also can help you purchase your next home.  This is something that you will always receive a full service treatment on.  We will ensure that the home search process is fun and professional.

-We will find houses that only match what you are looking for so you do not have to spend your  time looking for houses.
-We will consult you on how to make the right offer to get you the best deal possible.
-We take care of all negotiations for you.
-We will take care of all the paperwork/disclosures for you.
-We get the inspection and appraisal scheduled for you.  We also will recommend on how to  negotiate items that may or may not present themselves here.

-We will schedule the closing date and time for you.

Selling your house can be a daunting task, we want to make this process as fun and stress-free as possible while insuring we get you Top Dollar!

Below are a few options that we offer to you. We provide a full range of services, we are here to help you through the entire process of both buying, and selling your home.

Contact Us!

These are just some of the services that we can offer to you, for more information please feel free to reach out to us during business hours. 

Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

Saturday: By Appointment

Sunday: Closed

Our Phone Numbers

Office: (970)-515-SOLD
Paul: (970)-290-3112
John: (970)-962-4061
Connie: (970)-219-1695

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your journey. 

At A La Carte Realty, LLC.,"We Work Hard to Get YOU Home."

A La Carte Realty, LLC.  (970)-515-SOLD

Service Menu 

Full Service 

We pride ourselves on offering you all the services that you would expect.  With the full service package we take care of everything for you from pre-listing to closing.

​Full service listing 

  - We provide a commission saving service that saves you up to 2%, just ask us how!

Our Full Service Options includes:

-We start be evaluating your needs and helping to consult you  on any decisions.
-We will help you with any staging ideas that we feel is  necessary for your house, or recommend a stager if that is  needed.
-We will have a professional photographer come in to take  high resolution pictures to make your house look absolutely  amazing.
-We will have flyers made for your home (if needed).
-We will help consult you on which Title Companies to use.
-We will have all disclosures and HOA Documents ready to go  before going live. (HOA docs if needed).
-We will place your house on the Multiple Listing Service as  well as advertise it on other websites and social media. 
-We will place a sign in front of your yard.
-We take all the safety precautions for you so you do not have  random unqualified people coming through your house.
-We will schedule showings according to your time schedule.
-We will hold an open house for you as we/you feel  necessary.
-We will make sure to get you the best offer possible and  consult you on which offer(s) to decide on.
-We take pride in our strong negotiations and do all the  negotiations for you. (Price, inspection, appraisal, HOA fees,  closing fees, etc).
-We will ensure that the process remains smooth so you can  sell your house in a stress-free environment.
-We will set up the closing date and time.

Lastly, by working with us you can count on 2 things: First, your home will actually sell and secondly, we will get you more money bottom line that you can any other way!

At Your Service